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Whirling Sharp Edged Fun Circle!

Toys, Taxidermy, Carny, Corpses and Chaos

Carny the BJ
7 December
If you like anything I'm doing on this blog, or my webpages, BJ Winslows Gothic, Horror And Scientific Prop Rentals and Dapper Cadaver Gothic and Halloween Store go ahead and add me to your friends list. I give you open permission!

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will there be boobs? you'll have to find out!
abandonned buildings, ambulance shows, anime, baboon torture division, banjo, bdsm, boardwalk, body parts, boyd rice, burning man, cacaphony, cacophony, camp lab rat, carnies, carnival games, caskets, casting molding, catholic art, cell phone trees, cemeteries, chaos, childrens books, china, circuit bending, circus, circus freaks, circus-related injuries, clowns, cobra, corpses, costumes, diplomacy, diy, dumpster diving, ethical sluts, experiments, fabrication, fairytales, fishing with dynamite, found objects, found sound, game genie music, geek love, ghost towns, gothic lolita, hillbillies, hobgoblins, hoboes, hot keyz, international relations, japanese rope bondage, jet program, john zorn, journalism, juxtapoz, kink, kooks, latex, leather, librarian, libraries, linguistics, lpfm, luther blissett, mail art, manatee love, medical antiques, medicine shows, museum of jurassic technology, mycology, myths, negativland, new socks, news, noise, nonsense, old signs, people watching, petaluma, photographs, photography, photoshop, pickled punks, pirate radio, pirates, polaroid, pornography, porter, porter college, pranks, props, puppets, radio, radio art, riding the rails, robotics, robots, rockabilly, ruins, san pedro, santa cruz, santa cruz beach boardwalk, santa cruz boardwalk, santa porn, science, scientific antiques, sculpture, seaside amusement parks, sexology, sideshows, sin, sk-1, skin sounds, squibs, stage blood recipies, straight jackets, taxidermy, things in jars, thrift stores, tombstones, toys, ucsc, urban spelunking, vibrating toys, vocabulary, wesley willis, william s. burroughs, writing, writing on bodies, ynging, zombie movies, zombies


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